Decorating with Fall Leaves

fall leaves under shoes

Residents of apartments in Northlake are now anticipating the arrival of fall weather. With the crisp air, cool nights and pumpkin spice just around the corner, you may want to start decorating your apartment to reflect the season. There is no better way to show your appreciation for fall than to decorate with fall leaves. Here are a few ideas for fun fall leaf decorations.

Fall Leaves in Your Northlake Apartments

Chalk it up to fall vibes. To show fall leaves in your Northlake apartments, there are several fun and easy options. A “Welcome to Our Home” sign is a charming project that can show fall leaves beautifully. You’ll need a small chalkboard, glue gun, chalkboard paint, and artificial fall leaves. Add the leaves to the outer edges of the chalkboard using a glue gun, leaving plenty of room to write in the middle. Add your custom welcome message to the middle of the chalkboard and you’re done!

Branching out for the season. Another fun fall leaf project is a fall leaf hanging. You’ll need only a sturdy branch, clear fishing line, and artificial leaves. Tie the leaves individually to the branch using the fishing line, hanging them at varying lengths for a unique and natural look.

Twinkle, twinkle little jar. Fall inspires a feeling of coziness, and nothing exemplifies that better than tiny lanterns. You’ll need only mason jars, artificial leaves, a glue gun, and electric tea lights to create these lanterns. Adhere the artificial leaves to the exterior of the mason jars with the glue gun, overlapping them to cover the whole jar. Pop an electric tea light in the bottom of the jar for a safe and attractive light source for the cozy fall nights coming up.

Need a Cozy Apartment Home in Northlake to Come Home to This Fall?

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