Decorating With The Tropical Trend

potted palmsSummer breezes in Northlake, Texas can make your apartment home feel like a tropical oasis. When it comes to your home’s decor, consider these decorative tips to turn your Northlake apartment into paradise.

Tropical Touches

Whether you plan to decorate every room or a just one room, there are several ways to add a visual touch of tropical pizzazz for indoor atmosphere and outdoor comfort.

One way to create a tropical mood is with an accent wall. Select a wall or walls that receive ample sunlight use removable wallpaper in a festive motif. Accent the wall with mirrors to reflect the decor of the room.

Carry the color theme throughout the apartment.

Indoor Decor

Purchase wicker or rattan furniture with neutral-colored cushions. Accentuate the pieces with colorful throws and pillows in red, blue, orange, yellow or green.

For window treatments, use light sheers that billow in the breeze and create filtered lighting.

Accessorize each room with tropical pieces such as decorative vases and flowers, colorful plates, wall art, seashells, driftwood, palms, and hanging plants.

Use bamboo area rugs to add to the atmosphere.

Outdoor Decor

Continue the tropical theme with select pieces of outdoor furniture for your patio or balcony.

Select weather-resistant pieces made from rattan-like material such as a table, chairs and loungers, or a small loveseat with patterned cushions.

Make the mood cozy by using candle-filled lanterns to cast a soft light.

Add privacy to the area with strategically placed palms. You can use live, container-grown palms or go with artificial, lifelike palm fronds. Palm leaves add a splash of tropical atmosphere and color to the outdoor space.

Add the musical lilt of wind chimes to the balcony scene. The tinkling music as the wind wafts through is reminiscent of ocean breezes.

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